The text is too small for me to read.  Can I change that?

Yes, you can change the text settings in your browser or your operating systems controls, depending on which programs you are using.  For instructions on how to do this for windows users, please click here.

Can I write a comment disagreeing with a post?

Yes.  EMDRIA hopes that this blog will allow for free-flowing and open communication where all viewpoints can be expressed, as long as they are relevant and add to the discussion in a positive manner.  Your comment will not be approved if it violates the EMDRIA comment policy.  As long as you are corteous, and explain why you disagree in a productive way, your comment will most likely be approved.  EMDRIA does reserve the right to delete any comments it feels does not meet the guidelines laid out in the comment policy.

I noticed that EMDR HAP has posted on the EMDRIA blog. Are they part of the same organization?

No. EMDR HAP is a separate organization from EMDRIA, however, the two organizations often work together to increase awareness and the proliferation of EMDR.