EMDRIA Reduces Student Membership Rates!

At EMDRIA, we understand that college students are faced with ever increasing tuition, rent, and bills, and we want to avoid being another strain on their limited budgets.

That is why EMDRIA has reduced its standard Student Member rate to $50.00 and its non-U.S. Student Member rate to $70.00!  That is a $50 price reduction!

We hope this will encourage more college students, in both undergraduate and graduate schools, to join EMDRIA and become involved with EMDR!

To join today for 2010, please click here!

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About EMDR

The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) is a professional association where EMDR practitioners and EMDR researchers seek the highest standards for the clinical use of EMDR. EMDR is an accepted psychotherapy by leading mental health organizations throughout the world for the treatment of a variety of symptoms and conditions. This website provides information to the greater EMDR community including clinicians, researchers, and the public that our members serve.

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